Maro Itoje presents new Black History art exhibition

08 Apr 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

England rugby star Maro Itoje has teamed up with Signature African Art to launch a new exhibition exploring Black histories that are absent from the UK school curriculum.

A History Untold will feature new work by six African and Diaspora artists which celebrate Black history and the contributions that Black figures have made across multiple fields, from maths and science to jazz, as well as revealing lesser-known stories and addressing the ‘oversimplified’ history of colonialism in the current system. 

A strong advocate for education and patron of the Black Curriculum, the theme of the exhibition was conceptualised by Itoje and inspired by his personal experience of schooling on Black history. It is curated by Founder of Black British Art, Lisa Anderson.

"Throughout my time in school I learnt very little about Africa and black history and it was only upon leaving formal education that I began to discover the colossal contribution it has had to the world we live in today,” said Itoje. 

“By celebrating black history and the black contribution to society, A History Untold aims to underline the importance of including more black history on the British national curriculum so young people growing up have a wider and more informed view of the world, breaking down biases that currently exist."

The exhibition will feature work from artists Giggs Kgole, Djakou Kassi Nathalie, Steve Ekpenisi and Damilola Okhoya on the top floor of the gallery, with an immersive installation featuring sculpture and sound by British-Ghanaian artists Adelaide Damoah and Peter Adjaye on the ground floor.