M&C Saatchi S&E unveil new FABRIC offering

23 Sep 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment has unveiled a brand new offering, M&C Saatchi FABRIC, which will look to operate at the junction between sport and lifestyle.

The new specialist servce will give brands and rightsholders fully integrated creative solutions as they look to break in to the lifestyle space, an area that sport is increasingly overlapping in.

Launching in London and Sydney initially, board director Laura Coller will move from the company’s existing lifestyle division to head up FABRIC.

“The essence of lifestyle culture is the shift from product consumption as functional utility to product consumption as community membership. Things that were once necessities or hobbies are now passions, which has led to growth and opportunity in the space,” she said.

“This, paired with the fact that consumers are living their passions in a more always-on way, has led to a category that we are calling ‘hyper-passions’. Essentially, we’re more passionate, about more things, more of the time.”

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment UK CEO Jamie Wynne-Morgan added: “Our lifestyle division has been a hugely important part of the business for the past few years. This year has been a tipping point that’s seen the rapid diversification of passions, with a priority and mindset shift from consumers that’s made their passions a more dominant part of their lifestyles and a bigger opportunity for brands.

“Our ambition is to use M&C Saatchi FABRIC to bring a fresh approach to the lifestyle space.”