Mindshare study finds young still love live

07 Dec 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Four in ten 18–34 year olds say they feel they are missing out if they don’t watch live events as they happen, according to new research from Mindshare.

Top among five key trends identified in the annual Mindshare Trends Report is a growing emphasis on “live” moments, driven by a proliferation of technology that enables real-time sharing of experiences.

The media agency claims that the findings, which apply particularly to the sport sector, reflect “a growing need for human interaction in a digital world.”

It continues: “Rather than [digital] diminishing the importance of live, it is enabling it like never before.” 

Mindshare points to the impact of the FIFA World Cup and the buoyant UK sport sponsorship market as evidence of the phenomenon.

The report also highlights the emergence of new players to the TV sports market, including Facebook and Amazon’s heavy investment in live sports content this year.

Sophie Harding, trends and insight director at Mindshare UK, explained: “In the course of our research, we found that people are searching for genuine connections, realness, and knowledge with which to empower themselves against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty in the UK.

“Unlike previous years, 2019 does not look to be about shiny new technology. Instead, we’re seeing a shift towards getting to grips with the technology we have, grabbing hold of the reins as it becomes more embedded in our daily lives – bringing with it its own opportunities and consequences.” 

Other findings of the study include the revelation that eight in 10 adults watch live TV at least weekly. The figure includes 65% of 18-34s, rising to 91% for over 55s.

Among 18-34s, more than 60% like the idea of synchronising a movie with friends to remotely watch and chat about together.

The news is likley to be welcomed at Eleven Sports, which announced the roll-out of it first-to-market ‘Watch Together’ feature last week.