MLB outselling the Spice Girls in the UK

21 Mar 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

The MLB London Series games are outselling major music stars to become a bestseller on online ticket marketplace StubHub UK.

Demand for tickets to the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox matchup at the London Stadium in June has outstripped almost every other event on the platform in 2019.

It means that baseball is currently beating the likes of the Spice Girls, Pink, Drake, Fleetwood Mac, Ariana Grande and even South Korean pop sensation BTS in popularity among StubHub users.

Data released by the platform reveals the broader influence of US sports and sports fans on the UK ticketing market.

It shows that tickets to the MLB games have been bought by fans from 44 different US states and 27 different countries.

More widely, sport has proved to be the biggest driver of cross-border travel into the UK, accounting for 60% of ticket sales among non-UK StubHub purchasers, with NFL, NBA, MLB and Wimbledon the most popular events.

Conversely, the StubHub data also shows an increase in the number of sports fans based in Britain going to New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles to see the teams that have toured the UK performing on home turf.

Commenting on the findings, Jill Krimmel, StubHub’s General Manager of MLB in the US, said: “The appeal of MLB to a global audience continues to grow, and the overwhelming response for the rivalry matchup between the Yankees and Red Sox in London certainly  proves that the sport has fans worldwide.

Wayne Grierson, Managing Director at StubHub northern EMEA, added: “Over the past few years, the demand for US sports in the UK has spiked. From the NFL and the NBA to the MLB, British fans love the spectacle of traditionally American sports and are buying tickets in their thousands to get an unmissable slice of the live action.”