Money ruining Premiership, says Chairman

27 Apr 2008

By: Sport Industry Group

The Premiership has a money problem according to one prominent football chairman.

The disparity in wealth between the top four clubs in the country and the rest has made the league predictable and risks boring fans says David Whelan, chairman of Wigan and founder of JJB Sports.

"If we all got £35-40million, rather than some clubs £25million or £30million, and the top clubs £50million or £60million, we could afford better players,” Whelan told BBC Five Live over the weekend.

"That would lead to better competition and Manchester United and Chelsea not winning everything. We’ve got four teams - forget the rest! They are fighting for existence in that league."

Whelan advocates the revenue earned by the Premier League - over £1billion per year - should be divided equally between the 20 clubs.

"You should get something for finishing in the top four, but apart from that everybody should get an equal amount.

He cited the example of his other great love, Rugby League, where clubs such as Wigan, Leeds, Bradford  and St Helens get exactly the same as smaller teams such as Huddersfield, Wakefield and the newcomers.

"It's not fortunes, it's only £1.7million, but it's brought Rugby League together, and it's a fairer way. Now you don't know who is going to win.