MSA rebrands as Motorsport UK

16 Nov 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

The Motor Sports Association, the governing body of motorsport in the UK, has rebranded as Motorsport UK, heralding what the organisation describes as a “new chapter in its history.”

It claims the move signals a shift of emphasis away from regulation, putting promotion of the sport and customer service at the forefront of its mission.

The new name and supporting visual identity are designed to provide a more identifiable platform from which to market and grow motorsport throughout the four home nations, which are represented through the four concentric “wheels” of the new brand design.

The new approach will also include a specific promotional focus on disciplines such as karting, drag racing and autotests, with sub-brands such as Karting UK providing a clear focal point for the industry.

Unveiling the rebrand, Motorsport UK also announced plans for a new membership package, which will offer the 30,000 member competitors, 10,000 marshals, 3200 officials and 720 clubs a range of offers and discounts.

The major repositioning exercise has been implemented under newly appointed CEO Hugh Chambers, who took on the position at the start of November, joining forces again with former BAR colleague David Richards, now chairman of Motorsport UK.  

Chambers came on board as a consultant at the start of the year, leading a board-level working group to explore developing commercial and marketing capabilities within the organisation.

He said: “Pretty early in this process it became clear that the MSA’s corporate identity was aligned to its traditional role as the regulator of the sport, not to promotion and development.

“We wanted to develop an identity that drew on the rich heritage of motorsport, yet had a modern look and feel.

“If we were going to place an emphasis on the promotion of the sport then we needed a name that meant something outside the world of motorsport, and a brand world that was contemporary and exciting.”

 “In 2019 we’ll be developing additional memberships levels to make ourselves relevant to broader audiences.

“We’ll be launching a new, more flexible digital platform, campaigning on the issues that matter to our members and stakeholders.

“There’s an old adage in motorsport that better never stops. The pace of development in motorsport is relentless and that should encompass its governing body.”

Richards added: “When I took over as chairman in January, I outlined my vision of a sustainable future for motorsport in the UK. It’s been a year of hard work behind the scenes as we’ve begun moving towards this goal, and I’m delighted that the first real changes can now be revealed in the shape of our new identity, Motorsport UK. 

“This is the just the start; there are lots of new initiatives in the pipeline, all designed to grow the sport and better meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders. We’re moving forward with a renewed confidence for the future of UK motorsport, and that future starts here.”

Among the major initiatives planned by Motorsport UK in 2019 is a takeover of the British Karting Championships, which will now be organised in-house through a new Karting UK Operations division.