Premier League fans to spend £1.3bn this season

06 Nov 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Premier League fans will spend an estimated £1.3bn between them this season as they follow their teams throughout the campaign, according to new reserach conducted by eToro.

The investment platform which sponsors six Premier League clubs carried out research with KPMG Football Benchmark in order to study the financial commitment UK football fans make to support their club. 

Taking into account car and rail travel, merchandise, tickets, in-stadium food and drinks and TV subscriptions, the findings showed that there has been an increase in costs of 31% across these areas since the 2014/15 season.

On average, the ‘dedicated fan’ - defined as an adult who attends all 19 home games and travels to at least five away games - will spend on average £1,888 per season, which eToro say is equivalent to 8% of the average UK take home salary.

Sky Sports Pundit Gary Neville, commenting on the study, said: “Football needs to check itself. There are lots of positives about football. The stadiums are better, the quality of play is fantastic, and the atmosphere is far more inclusive, but for me affordability is something that needs to be addressed. 
“This report lays out the facts and I hope it will serve as a wake-up call. Football has to stand above other leisure businesses. It is more than just a game. It is about community and we need to ensure we are doing all we can not to price fans out of the game.”

Iqbal Gandham, UK Managing Director at eToro said: “As a sponsor of six Premier League teams we try to ensure that we are giving back to the fans as much as possible.
“We understand that football fans have a deep emotional investment in their club and they’ll move mountains to support their team both home and away. We wanted to do something on behalf of the fans, to look at the hard costs involved in being a loyal fan and how that financial investment has changed over time. By doing so we hope to start a conversation about the future of football and how we can work together to bridge the gap between investment and value for the fans who are at the very heart of the game.”