Premier League hails conviction of illegal stream vendor

31 Oct 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

The Premier League has confirmed that it has won what it describes as a ‘landmark’ case in which an electronics retailer in Singapore has been convicted for providing access to illegal broadcasts of the Premier League as well as other entertainment content.

Symnex Trading and its Director, Jia Xiaofeng, were convicted of copyright infringement, with Jia sentenced to 12 weeks in jail. He was also fined $5,400, while the company was ordered to pay a fine of $160,800.

The league says that Jia and the company sold illegal streaming devices which were pre-loaded with apps which provided access to films, TV shows and other content including Premier League football.
Kevin Plum, Premier League Director of Legal Services said: “This case shows there are serious consequences for sellers of illegal streaming devices and that the Premier League will prosecute those responsible for the piracy of our content. This sentencing shows that this is not a grey area, and that selling these devices is against the law.
“We have fantastic passionate fans in Singapore and we are protecting those who watch Premier League content in the right way. Those who don’t leave themselves open to a number of risks including becoming victims of fraud or identity theft. 
“We have a team based in our Singapore office committed to protecting our intellectual property rights and fighting piracy and we will continue to investigate and pursue all suppliers of illegal streaming services in the region.”