Premier League Opens First International Office

15 Jan 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

The Premier League has chosen Singapore as the location for its first international office, a strategic move within the Asia-Pacific region to fight against piracy of Premier League content.

The office, based in Tanjong Pagar, began operating on 14th January and has also been established to help support broadcast partners.

The opening will see the organisation governing the English top-flight deploy its enforcement programme across multiple markets and assist licensees with activation of their rights and promotion of the competition.

The Premier League is already a member of the Coalition Against Piracy, which represents the creative industries across the region.

According to the League, its anti-piracy efforts in Asia have already been extensive and include blocking action against illegal apps in Singapore.

Further efforts include the commencement of criminal action against suppliers of illicit streaming devices and, most recently, working with the Thai authorities to support raids of suppliers of illicit streaming devices.

Paul Molnar, the Premier League’s Director of Broadcasting, said: "Singapore provides an excellent location for our first international office and we look forward to using this base to support our many broadcast partners across the region.

"Equally, it is critical that we now deploy local resource and expertise to combat the increasing threat of piracy which undermines all stakeholders in the creative industry." 

The office opening also reaffirms the Premier League’s commitment to its fanbase in Singapore and across the entire region.

With its 20 top-flight clubs attracting millions of fans in Asia, the Premier League has a number of contracts with broadcasters on a market-by-market basis, which makes all 380 matches available per season to viewers across the region.

Additionally, the Premier League Asia Trophy pre-season tournaments have sold out in recent years, in Hong Kong in 2017 and Singapore two years previous.

Photo: © Getty Images