Premier League rewards anti-counterfeit partners

05 Sep 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

The Premier League has announced the winner of its inaugural International Enforcement Agency of the Year award - part of efforts to protect rightsowners and stakeholders from counterfeiting.

Seoul Customs has been recognised by the league for its seizure of 400,000 fake items arriving on a shipment from China. The haul, with a street value of £4.6million, contained counterfeit Premier League badges along with fake kits and badges from various Premier League clubs.

It represents the single largest seizure since the inception of the Premier League's Anti-Counterfeiting Programme, which was formed 11 years ago, and has so far seized over 1.9 million fake items worth £22 million.

A Premier League spokesperson commented: “We have made huge developments in tackling counterfeiting since creating our Programme more than a decade ago, and this seizure is the largest we have seen so far. We want to protect fans from being ripped off and a shipment like this shows the ongoing challenge we face.

“We thank Seoul Customs for their hard work and efforts in ensuring that more than £4million worth of counterfeit products don’t make it to market.“

The announcement was made to coincide with the Premier League's fifth annual ‘Football Against Fakes’ conference at Emirates Stadium, held to raise awareness of counterfeit issues faced by stakeholders within the football industry.

The event will bring together more than 150 enforcement officers from around the UK to share experience and best practice, with presentations from the Premier League, its clubs, enforcement authorities and anti-counterfeiting experts.

The Premier League is among the most lucrative sports properties in the world, available in 1 billion homes in 189 countries.