PrettyGreen launches creative production house

14 Mar 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

PrettyGreen has launched a new stand-alone creative production house, known as 'The Producers'.

Launching today (Wednesday 14th March), The Producers will be led by content and production, managing director, Sian Baker, in a bid to tap into the need for ‘in-sourcing’ of agency skills. 

Production teams will now be set-up as an extension of a client's team in terms of skill-set and location.

Sian Baker, managing director, The Producers, said: “The agency model for event and experiences is ripe for a different approach and more efficient ROI, with clients crying out for “Producers” who can just get stuck in and deliver projects collaboratively with them.

“PrettyGreen has a reputation for delivering experiential and content-driven PR, and we felt that there was an opportunity to create a stand-alone event production house to deliver real business impact.”

Working with sister PR agency PrettyGreen, The Producers aims to create content focussed, shareable brand experiences through a hybrid ‘Live, Shared & Content’ model, known as the 1,9,90.