Redmandarin lands Pasona for Tokyo 2020

18 Jan 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Redmandarin client Pasona Group has been announced as an official supporter of Tokyo 2020.

Pasona's category is human resources services, which includes job placement services; personnel support services; temporary staffing; managing and delivering services for job fairs; and training services for corporate entities excluding online and offline language training services. Pasona is the 47th domestic partner of Tokyo 2020.

Redmandarin began working with Pasona in July 2016 with the objective of ensuring Pasona were fully ready to begin to activate their partnership from the moment of signing.

Deliverables included a comprehensive induction programme, managing the process to define the partnership vision, objectives, communications strategy, lead activations, internal engagement planning and a Learning Management System.

Redmandarin is actively delivering planning for five Partners of Tokyo 2020. In Japan, it goes to market with EY as a delivery partner.

Scott Sato, Pasona COO, said: “Redmandarin's support for us was really helpful. Their insight and expertise in Olympic planning is exceptional and we feel very confident that our partnership is going to deliver maximum value.”

Shaun Whatling, Redmandarin CEO, commented: “We're the most active non-Japanese agency operating here in Tokyo, thanks to our unique Olympic IP and our partnership with EY Advisory.

“But any agency is only as good as its client and I'm full of admiration for Scott's foresight in allowing us to deliver a full suite of planning services pre-signing. It's put Pasona in such a strong place - in fact, they're now ahead of many existing partners.”