Seven League land social media brief with Minnesota Vikings

04 Sep 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

The Minnesota Vikings have hired Seven League to run the NFL team’s UK and German social media accounts.

The digital sports consultancy announced that it will be running ‘bespoke channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,’ including localised content from social media editors based on the ground in both countries - ensuring content is created in the relevant language and fits the right timezone.

Scott Kegley, Executive Director of Digital Media & Innovation, Minnesota Vikings, said: “The Vikings have an amazing fan base, and many of those fans live outside the United States. Many may not ever get to attend a game or meet their favorite players, but it’s extremely important for them to feel close to the team. By opening social accounts for the UK and Germany, we view this as the first step towards building an even stronger connection with our fans overseas. 

“We’ve worked closely with Seven League to utilise their expertise in those markets to bridge time zone and language barriers to create authentic interactions with our fans in those regions.”

Charlie Beall, Consulting Partner, Seven League, said: “The Vikings is a visionary club and their media team has an acute understanding that to develop in new markets a localised approach is required. We’re humbled that they’ve entrusted Seven League to be the custodians of their brand messaging in Europe and hugely excited by the value we think we can help drive for the team.”

The 2019/20 NFL season starts this week as the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers, whilst the Vikings start their season at home to the Atlanta Falcons.