Shock Absorber backs This Mum Runs

03 Jun 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Shock Absorber has been unveiled as the sports bra partner of women’s running community This Mum Runs.

As an official supporter of This Mum Runs, Shock Absorber will educate the community about the importance of wearing the correct sports bras while running. Product launches and news will be shared across This Mum Runs’ digital channels as part of the agreement.

This Mum Runs has 50,000 members and organises hundreds of free weekly runs led by Run Angels, specially-trained local volunteers who plan run routes and ensure members feel welcome and safe.

Shock Absorber will celebrate the women of the This Mum Runs community with a monthly brand ambassador programme, through which individuals will be nominated by community leaders to share their stories across the two properties’ social platforms. A selection of Shock Absorber products are also available on the This Mum Runs online store.

This Mum Runs Founder Mel Bound said: “It is so important to wear a properly fitted sports bra when you run to help make doing physical activity more comfortable, especially during and post-pregnancy when your body changes.

“This exciting new partnership with Shock Absorber – with their brand expertise and product innovation – will support our community, quite literally, on their running journey, making for happier and healthier mums, which is what This Mum Runs stands for.”

Heather Nogueira, Head of Marketing, Hanes Brands, added: “This partnership is extremely important to us at Shock Absorber. It presents a fantastic opportunity to connect with active women across the country and educate them on the benefits of wearing an effective sports bra during their runs with This Mum Runs.” 

Shock Absorber has worked with The University of Portsmouth on research that has found breasts move up to 14cm when unsupported during exercise, and that 80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized sports bra.