Sport Industry Slack launches

25 Mar 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Sport Industry Slack is designed to support the sport sector at its current time of crisis.  

Sport Industry Group has always existed to help support business within the sport sector; bringing your best work to a wider audience, sharing your news, celebrating your achievements, building your networks and developing your skills. 

Across the globe, communities are coming together to lend a helping hand and show solidarity during this unprecedent coronavirus crisis and – in a similar fashion – Sport Industry Slack has launched with the sole aim of trying to connect those across the industry that need it most. 

The messaging platform is free to join and allows all users to communicate, share, celebrate and support – whether that be to give recommendations to new industry talent, ask the questions you’ve always wondered, or just chat to peers during a time of isolation. 

Discussing the launch, Sport Industry Group Chairman Nick Keller said:

“This is a special initiative, providing a new place for the sport industry to commune, share issues, solve problems and also at times celebrate. Through this period sport’s role in the world will not diminish, and it will return with a true understanding of it power. I am confident that in this hiatus we are connecting, learning, adapting and planning for a new reality.

“I urge everyone to get involved, offer support where you can and importantly feel comfortable asking for a helping hand too. Sport will endure.”

To join Sport Industry Slack and to show support with the industry, click HERE.