Sport leadership celebrated at #SINextGen

28 Jan 2016

By: Sport Industry Group

28 Sport Industry NextGen Leaders were celebrated on Wednesday night with an evening of networking, education and inspirational talks sharing the secrets to leadership.

Hosted by leadership expert and Sport Industry NextGen Judge René Carayol, speakers included former Swansea City manager Garry Monk, Williams Martini Racing deputy team principal Claire Williams; founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First, Matt Clifford; Women’s Rugby World Cup winner, Maggie Alphonsi; Women’s Cricket World Cup winner Ebony Rainford-Brent, and writer, communicator and strategist Alastair Campbell.

Speaking about his leadership journey from League Two player to Premier League manager, Garry Monk commented on the importance of selflessness and honesty as a leader.

“They’re the most important traits in a leader. If you’re honest with someone, they will always respect you. But selflessness is just as important. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, it’s not about you. If you can help someone else succeed, you will too."

Sport Industry NextGen works in partnership with Barclays to identify and nurture tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Nick Keller, Chairman of Sport Industry Group said, “We were absolutely delighted by the incredibly high calibre of all 28 Sport Industry NextGen Leaders, they are a formidable group who will continue to innovate and drive the sport industry forward.”

The sell out celebration event at The Village Underground, Shoreditch, also saw six Leaders receive honours: UK Sport’s Clare Barrell, Liverpool FC’s Nikki Emerson, Sky Sports’ Yath Gangakumaran, Brighton & Hove Albion FC's Tom Gorringe, Arsenal FC’s James Murray and AELTC’s Alexandra Willis.

“We've got people from very different parts of the industry. It's very hopeful for pushing change in the future,” said Yath Gangakumaran.

Alexandra Willis added: “It was refreshing to have such a diverse range of opinions from across the industry and, as leaders, we shouldn’t be afraid to express them.”

James Murray commented: “This is going to last so much longer than just this event, or even this year."

The six will represent the group at the BT Sport Industry Awards 2016, with all 28 now set to start their journey as Sport Industry NextGen Leaders with a Leadership Package covering the next year.

The 28 Sport Industry NextGen Leaders will receive multiple experiences throughout the year to help develop their potential, including commercial training from Barclays, an Executive Leadership Workshop from Loughborough University London, a 24 hour leadership experience with the Inspirational Development Group at Sandhurst, an annual VIP pass to the Inspired Leaders Network and membership to the Sport Industry Breakfast Club 2016.

The afternoon programme saw Leaders explore their leadership journey, expand their network, and engage with like-minded peers alongside the Judging Panel, which included the likes of Sir Keith Mills, Maggie Alphonsi, Alastair Campbell, Kate Robertson, Leon Mann, Matt Clifford and Jackie Brock-Doyle.

Alphonsi, who took to the stage alongside Women’s Cricket World Cup winner Ebony Rainford-Brent, commented: “The energy for this throughout the day has astonishing. There’s so much passion and enthusiasm from this group, it’s a very exciting time.”

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