Team GB campaign celebrates all forms of love on Valentine's Day

10 Feb 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Team GB is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a series of videos, Love Stories, celebrating love in all its forms.

With Olympians past and present taking part, gold medal hocky winning players Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, triathletes Jonny and Alistair Brownlee and divers Jack Laugher and Lois Toulson share their experiences of love and their account of what it means to them.

Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, who were the first married same-sex couple to win Olympic gold medals in the same team, highlight how the love they have for each other, and the support within the team drove them to achieve the success they have.  

“One of things that makes Team GB so unique is the fact that it accepts differences, supports its team whoever they are and in whatever they want to be and achieve,” said Helen Richardson-Walsh. “We feel so lucky the team accepted us for who we are because if they hadn’t done, we wouldn’t be here with gold medals as we are now.”

The campaign, which was developed alongside Hill + Knowlton Strategies,  will address three different kinds of love; romantic, sibling and parental, and aims to celebrate and include all forms of love in the build-up to Valentine’s Day.

Ed Jones, Acting Head of Marketing, Team GB said: “Our campaign, ‘This Is What Makes Us’, aims to inspire the country to unite behind Team GB by focusing on the UK’s incredible diversity, reflected in Team GB’s squad, heading to Tokyo this summer. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate every form of love in the team and how it drives us forward to achieve extraordinary things.”

Jamie Corr, Managing Director, Sports, H+K Strategies, said of the campaign: “Team GB is a unique brand capable of uniting and inspiring people, and ‘Love Stories’ is a true reminder of how accepting Team GB and the British public are as a nation. We believe in the power and influence of the human side of sport and there is nothing more human than love. Our team at Hill + Knowlton Strategies is incredibly proud to have played an integral role in creating and bringing to life this campaign.”