Tennis fans most comfortable talking about diversity issues

10 Sep 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

YouGov Sport has revealed new statistics on fans’ attitudes to gender equality across various different sports.

Ahead of the Aberdeen Standards Investment 5th Annual Diversity Summit, which will be held alongside the 2019 Solheim Cup Gleneagles, YouGov Sport asked fans of athletics, football, golf, cricket, motorsport, tennis, rugby league and rugby union for their thoughts on gender equality within their sport.

When asked initially whether they believe that salaries for professional athletes should be based on skill rather than gender, 80% of all sports fans agreed with the statement. But when that was broken down into categories, it was tennis fans who were most likely to agree with the statement.

YouGov, Category Partner of the International Campaign of the Year at the Sport Industry Awards 2020, also asked fans whether they felt comfortable discussing issues relating to diversity, for example, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Again, it was tennis fans (76%) who said they were the most comfortable with those topics, with athletics fans also agreeing most often. Conversely, golf fans (65%) were the least likely to say they felt comfortable discussing these issues. 

Overall, 72% of people polled said they were comfortable discussing issues of diversity in sport, putting the number at nearly two-thirds. YouGov says that this number makes sports fans slightly more likely than the general population to agree say they feel comfortable in such discussions, at 2% higher than the average.