UCI 2023 World Championships appoints Inside Edge for sponsorship sales

22 Jan 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Organisers for the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow have appointed Inside Edge as the event’s global sponsorship sales agency.

The sports marketing consultancy will be responsible for marketing the sponsorship rights for the event, which will be the first time it takes place in Scotland. 

Organisers say they will look to establish purpose-led partnerships with brands to help drive forward the event’s ambition to deliver ‘meaningful societal change by creating and supporting programmes and ideas that help more people to ride bikes more often’. 

Inside Edge will have international exclusivity in marketing all available rights for the championships and will work alongside the organisers as well as the UCI to pool all rights and develop a single set of innovative packages for global sponsors. 

“The appointment of Inside Edge is a key milestone on our journey to 2023 as we look to bring on board brand partners who will help us successfully deliver this brand-new event and create meaningful societal change by celebrating the unique power of the bike to deliver on our important policy outcomes,” said Paul Bush, Chair, 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships.

“Inside Edge’s experience, shared vision and data-led approach to help create purpose-led partnership opportunities will be vital to our success, and we look forward to working with them over the next three years.”

Andrew Markham and Jon Naspe, Co-founders of Inside Edge, added: “Inside Edge is delighted to be representing the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships and we will be applying our extensive experience of running international partnership sales processes for best in class rights holders to ensure that this ground-breaking platform is a commercial success.  

“We will start to reach out to organisations that align with the clear objectives of the Championships and its key stakeholders over the coming months. Principally we will be targeting brands that are looking to drive positive societal change through projects that encourage more diversity in sport, enhance physical and mental wellbeing and bring greater awareness to environmental sustainability initiatives. 

“Cycling is more than a sport, it is a part of everyday life for over a billion people globally, be that as a way of commuting, spending time with family and friends or just being active. There is a real opportunity for brands to work with us to build a meaningful dialogue with a desirable, highly engaged audience and leave a long-lasting legacy for Scotland, the UK and the wider world.”

The championships aims to ‘celebrate the power of the bike’ as well as its physical and mental health benefits and impact on traffic congestion and the climate.