UEFA unveils Women's Champions League rebrand and anthem

18 May 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

UEFA has unveiled a new brand identity for the UEFA Women’s Champions League, as well revealing a new anthem for the tournament, modeled on the UEFA Men’s Champions League anthem.

Next season will see the addition of a group stage for the competition, as well as the quadrupling of its prize money, and UEFA has unveiled the new branding for the tournament, as part of its Time for Action strategy,  which aims to double the reach and value of UEFA flagship women's competitions by 2024.

The new brand identity will reflect the ‘prestigious, inspiring and progressive character’ of the competition, which showcases the ‘best of the best’ in women’s club football, and was won by Barcelona who beat Chelsea on 16th May.

UEFA says the anthem follows the same principles as the UEFA Men's Champions League anthem. It is sung in UEFA’s three official languages – English, French and German - and will be played while players line up before kick-off during each game.

“The UEFA Women’s Champions League is a competition in its own right, with its own sporting and commercial set-up, with its own uniqueness. So why shouldn’t we have a separate anthem and brand attached to this competition?” said Nadine Kessler, Chief of Women’s Football, UEFA. 

“People need to know the UEFA Women’s Champions League, they need to have something they can relate to and be attached to and I believe such an anthem is really important for a recognisable competition.

“I really hope the players love it and they can feel and see that this anthem has been designed with the help of players for players. We really had one goal in mind, which is to make them feel invincible when they go out in that very special moment when they play the most important games in their career.”

“The new brand identity of the UEFA Women’s Champions League has the potential to take the competition to the next level, by giving it the visual recognition that the world’s greatest women’s club competition deserves,” said UEFA marketing director, Guy-Laurent Epstein.

“The new branding and anthem, together with the new competition format and commercial model, can only help to make the UEFA Women’s Champions League a more exciting proposition for both our current and prospective partners and sponsors in the future.

“The broadcast platform for the Women’s Champions League will be second to none, and world famous companies, such as Hublot, Lays, Nike and Visa who have already agreed to partner with us over the last couple of years, while we have some more exciting news to share with you shortly.”

Branding agency Works Ltd oversaw the new identity, while the new anthem has been developed in collaboration with global music agency MassiveMusic.