UK Sport aims to 'inspire impact' with 10-year plan

07 May 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

UK Sport has launched a 10-year plan which aims to ‘power success and inspire impact’, and will also aim to bring 97 major sporting events to the UK.

The strategic plan aims to inspire people through ‘winning with integrity’, as well as through the creation of a ‘broader range’ of sports and champions, as it aims to create more diverse teams as well as collaborating with communities across the UK to set a ‘diverse, ethical and sustainable agenda for tomorrow’.

Aiming to ‘create the greatest decade of extraordinary sporting moments, reaching, inspiring and uniting the nation’, UK Sport says its three main ambitions are to ‘keep winning, and to win well,’ ‘grow a thriving sporting system’, and to ‘inspire positive change’.

The funding body says that while ‘winning and being competitive at the highest level’ remain its priority, it recognises the ‘powerful platform sporting success has to inspire and effect lasting positive change for individuals and society’.

Aiming to inspire more people to take up sport, the body says it will, ‘harness the power and platform of sport to drive positive change across wellbeing, diversity, inclusion and sustainability,’ as well as remaining a nation known for its high-level of sporting success.

UK Sport will also give its backing to UK bids to host some 97 events - including 46 world championships – across the span of the decade, with the likes of the the Women’s Rugby World Cup, and men’s FIFA World Cup undergoing feasibility tests.

“Together we have achieved so much in Olympic and Paralympic sport,” said Dame Katherine Grainger, Chair, UK Sport.

“Nevertheless we are very aware there is no room for complacency and that we must build on our success to create the next exciting phase of high-performance sport. One where we work even more collaboratively and inclusively to win well, in ways that will inspire more people and have a broader impact on our society. 

“Achieving on the world stage will still sit firmly at the heart of what we do. But we should not underestimate the powerful platform that provides us with, and it is our shared responsibility to better harness this for positive social change.”

Image: Shutterstock