United dropping down football rich list

24 Apr 2008

By: Sport Industry Group

Manchester United is dropping down the list of the world’s richest football clubs according to the latest figures in the annual Deloitte Football Money League.

United, which headed the table for eight years before being overtaken by Real Madrid last year, has now slipped further down the rankings to fourth trailing Barcelona and Juventus.

Real Madrid retained its top spot with revenues rising to £202m from £186.2m the year before.

Despite the drop in the turnover stakes, United remain the most profitable club in the world making a £49.7m profit in the year to June 2006 from turnover of £167.8m.

Deloitte's figures take into account income from ticket sales, merchandising and broadcasting contracts but do not include transfer revenues and does not calculate profitability.

‘Manchester United may be in fourth position this year but with the completion of their stadium development we can expect them to move back up the list in 2006/07,’ commented Deloitte's Paul Rawnsley.

English clubs filled eight of the top 20 slots in the Deloitte list with Chelsea (6th), Arsenal (9th) and Liverpool (10th) reaching the top ten.

The effect of the FA Premier League’s lucrative new TV rights deal, which comes into play next year, could see English clubs fill half of the top 20 slots within the next two years according to Deloitte.


Deloitte Football Money League 2005/06

1) Real Madrid - £202m

2) Barcelona - £179.1m

3) Juventus - £173.7m

4) Man Utd - £167.8m

5) AC Milan - £165m

6) Chelsea - £152.8m

7) Inter Milan - £142.8m

8) Bayern Munich - £141.5m

9) Arsenal - £133m

10) Liverpool - £121.7m

Source: Deloitte: 2005/6 - figures represent sales income