YouGov Sport Stat of the Week

15 Oct 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Every week, YouGov Sport will bring us a new Stat of the Week. A useful and timely nugget of information gleaned from their unrivalled network of public polls from across the globe. Only YouGov Sport can tell you the public sentiment across such a wide range of topics and use its daily tracker to deliver the most up to date research. And now you get to know it too...

This time, the Stat of the Week looks at this weekend’s Heineken Champions Cup Final between Exeter Chiefs and Racing 92.

Saturday night will see a new name crowned champions, adding to the list of teams to lift one of club rugby’s most sought-after prizes. So we asked, given this final will produce a new winner, is the tournament appealing to a new generation of rugby fans too? YouGov Sport’s data certainly suggests so. 

YouGov Sport asks respondents if they have heard something positive or negative about an event, before creating a net% score - which they call Buzz. And ahead of the final this weekend, younger audiences are much more likely to have heard Buzz around the event, according to the data.

That makes the Heineken Champions Cup stand out against some of its competitors. The Premier League’s Buzz chart, for example, looks more like a pyramid, with its core audience sitting somewhere in the 35-49 demographic – and achieving proportionally less cut-through among the younger audience. 

So rugby’s sponsors and rights holders will have an excellent platform to work from this weekend and beyond.

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