Ama Agbeze


Commonwealth Gold Medalist, England Netball

Ama Agbeze has been dubbed 'a marvel of the modern netball world’, having played across the globe and across five positions on the court. Agile and adept, the experienced defender currently plies her trade for London Pulse, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the Vitality Netball Superleague newcomers. She made her international debut in 2001 and has won 100 England caps to date. A great orator and motivator, Ama was named England captain in 2016 and led the Vitality Roses to their historic gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She was deservedly inducted into the England Netball Hall of Fame in testament to her contribution to the sport in England. England’s victory over Australia at the Commonwealth Games, the first ever in a major tournament, was a defining moment for netball in the UK. With the match watched live by 2 million, it propelled the sport into the spotlight and at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year that year the Roses were awarded Team of the Year and Greatest Sporting Moment of the Year.

Ama made the conscious decision to be an empathetic leader – someone who wasn’t the loudest in the room but who was able to motivate each person as an individual by giving them her time, understanding what each person brings and selecting the right person for the right situation. Her famous words ’If not now when. If not us, who’ have been repeated many times since by the media and the team’s supporters, and perfectly captures Ama’s powerful leadership skills and ability to motivate and inspire her team and to make them feel that anything was possible.

Ama also reflects on the question of diversity from several perspectives – particularly race and gender in sport, inclusion and the importance of understanding that that every human has many different layers. Her message is a simple one – judge people based on what they say and do, not on pre-conceived stereotypes. 

Ama is an experienced and confident speaker, a shining light in women’s sport and inspirationally addresses the following themes – Dedication, resilience and goal setting; Psychology and behaviours of a winning team; Leadership and Diversity and inclusion.

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