Sport Industry NextGen

Launched by Sport Industry Group in 2015, the Sport Industry NextGen Leaders network now boasts nearly 200 alumni – all of whom are increasing in global influence, expertise, and creativity each year – forging a new future for our industry each and every year.

Created for those aged 30 or under, this prestigious professional development programme provides the best emerging talent with a tailored year-long Leadership Package which includes extensive training, personal development and networking opportunities. The successful applicants will get direct access to some of the brightest minds and best organisations within sport and business for interactive best-practice, learning, and leadership sessions.

All of this, in addition to the powerful, lifelong network the Leaders form together, makes Sport Industry NextGen the number one professional development programme for our sector.

The full list of Leaders can be seen HERE.


  • Applicants must be 30 years old or younger on 31st December 2021

  • Applicants must enter on their own behalf

  • Applicants must be currently based in the UK and available to travel to London on occasion


The Selection Committee are looking for sport industry professionals who are already making senior strides within the sport industry, and demonstrate:

  • Examples of demonstrable leadership qualities, relative to their level, or clear signs of their leadership potential

  • An understanding of the importance of good governance and/or responsible leadership

  • Evidence of what they have done to stand out from their peers

  • The ability and potential to work with, engage, and ultimately improve a group of Sport Industry NextGen Leaders

  • Awareness of current trends, issues and/or challenges within the sport industry

The programme aims to find and support those who are excelling within their respective areas and levels of the sport industry. Successful applicants will likely have multiple years of industry experience and be demonstrably high achievers for their age and experience.