Deal of the Year

Honouring the best dealmakers in the industry, the Sport Industry Awards 2020 will now feature the new ‘Deal of the Year’ Award.

The new Award will highlight the organisations and individuals that are working to unleash greatness, enable value and demonstrate innovation within the sport industry. Aimed at honouring the deals that use ambitious and innovative thinking to achieve solutions, all entries must clearly demonstrate the added value created for all parties involved.

Entries for Deal of Year reflect a deal of any commercial value and will be judged  against the criteria below.  Although the Award covers a global remit, all deals must demonstrate an impact within the UK. Whether a merger, acquisition, sponsorship or IP deal, a broadcast rights agreement or data integrity partnership, all forms of sport industry deals will be accepted.

All nominees will be judged against four key pillars:

  • Unleashing Greatness
    • The deal has created something bigger than the sum of the parts involved, and it will have developed future opportunities for growth that would have not been previously available to the parties involved.
  • Enabling Value
    • The deal has created a significant uplift to a given area of business for all parties, including financial, commercial, exposure or more. The deal has also made a difference to the wider society or area which it exists within and demonstrates a high levels of ethics.
  • Innovative
    • The deal was creative in delivering results, and all solutions were arrived at through ambitious, exciting and innovative thinking.
  • Mutually Beneficial
    • The deal delivered real benefits for all parties involved.


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