Sport Industry Slack

Sport Industry Group has always existed to help support business within the sport sector; bringing your best work to a wider audience, sharing your news, celebrating your achievements, building your networks and developing your skills. Now is no different.

Across the globe, communities are coming together to lend a helping hand and show solidarity during this unprecedent crisis and – in a similar fashion – we want to bring the industry together to support each other right now.

To do this, we’ve launched a new Sport Industry Slack workspace, a messaging platform with the sole aim of trying to connect those across our industry that need it most. It’s free to join and we’re hopeful that everyone can find a home within it – whether that be to give recommendations to the new industry talent, ask the questions you’ve always wondered, or just chat to peers during a time of isolation.

While our industry may not have unlimited funds to throw at this problem, together we do have huge amounts of expertise, creativity, resilience and desire to support each other, and now is the time to share in that as one.

So please use this space to support, share and inform – we hope it can be an important tool for you during this strange time.

Sport Industry Slack is available to anyone working within the sport industry, or whose work is significantly active within sport. While the aim is to be as inclusive as possible, please note the Workspace is designed for sport industry professionals.

To join, please fill out the below application form and - if approved - you will be sent a link to join the Workspace. Upon joining Sport Industry Slack, we ask that you please use your full name and include a profile picture.