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Jaguars become first to play two home NFL games in London

The Jacksonville Jaguars will become the first NFL team to play two regular season home games in London, the franchise has confirmed.

The Jaguars will play two home games at Wembley Stadium over consecutive Sundays as part of the 2020 London Games.

The team has played one match in London every year since 2013, always at Wembley, and say the addition of a second game this time around demonstrates the franchise’s commitment to NFL fans in the UK.

Adidas makes American football field from 1.8m plastic bottles

Adidas has struck a blow for sustainability by turning 1.8m plastic bottles into an American football field in Miami.

The standard turf fields used in the sport include a large amount of plastic and rubber, unlike traditional grass pitches. The German sportswear brand, however, has taken recycled plastics, which were washed and treated, and transformed it into infill - small pellet-like pieces of plastic which ensure performance and safety of the pitch by promoting underfoot traction and providing cushioning for falling players.

NFL enters global clothing collaboration with H&M

The NFL has announced a collaboration with fashion retailer H&M to launch a range of NFL-branded clothing and accessories.

The deal, brokered by IMG, will see products sold in more than 20 countries outside the US, including the UK, as the league looks to expand its offering to fans outside of its home country. 

Since 2007, the NFL has hosted at least one regular season game in London, and in 2019 held four, including two at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium which was built with American football in mind.

NBA to test 5G smartphone broadcasts

The NBA is set to continue its use of 5G smartphone broadcasts at the 2020 All Star Game in Chicago.

The game, which takes place in February, could have smartphone footage integrated into the broadcast. The league has already used 5G smartphone broadcasts as a separate feed, using the technology for a Summer League game between the Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards in July. 

Sideline reporters could also use smartphones for interviews in future broadcasts.

Sony and Verizon test 5G broadcast with NBC Sports

Sony and US telecoms company Verizon have partnered with US broadcaster NBC Sports to test 5G broadcast for live sport.

The broadcaster trialled live video streaming over a 5G network during an NFL game between the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots at the NRG Stadium on 1st December. 

Sony and Verizon say the test shows 5G can be used to process large amounts of data in a live environment.

Verizon said: “The test proved that 5G-connected cameras can be a reliable and beneficial option for future live sports broadcasts.

NFL and Amazon Web Services aim to lower head injury count

The NFL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced that the pair are working together in a bid to reduce the number of head injuries in American football.

A new partnership between the pair will create the “Digital Athlete” platform, which involved a computer simulation model of an NFL player that combines numerous data sources to help the NFL test an infinite number of scenarios that can take place on the pitch, without risking the safety of athletes. 

NFL and MLB Players Associations create joint venture

Players from the NFL and MLB are teaming up with a private equity firm, RedBird Capital Partners, in order to capitalise on their name and likeness.

OneTeam Partners LLC, the name of the new company set up by the players’ associations and the private equity firm, will support players capitalising on their likeness and image rights, especially in video games which bear the names and likenesses of players.

Op-Ed: Is the time right for a UK-Based NFL Franchise?

After four more sold-out NFL London Games, Raj Mannick, Head of Yahoo Sport UK, asks if the time is now right for a UK-based NFL franchise.

Four sold out NFL games in the UK this year, millions of passionate fans, a growing university sports league, and a brand-new stadium specifically designed to accommodate American Football. These are just a handful of the factors which give weight to the argument that the UK should have its own NFL franchise, but in truth the number grows year on year.


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