Beth Tweddle

Beth Tweddle renews Total Gymnastics partnership

Beth Tweddle has renewed her partnership with British Gymnastics for Total Gymnastics.

Tweddle’s Total Gymnastics venture has been an official British Gymnastics delivery partner since May 2017 and in 2018, this partnership will develop to include new and tailored coach education courses, in-depth support on inclusive delivery and heightened brand awareness.

Total Gymnastics delivers gymnastics in numerous locations across the North West with over 3000 children currently doing gymnastics after school. To date they have worked with over 150 schools during curriculum time.  

Tweddle becomes Hardship Grants ambassador

Beth Tweddle has been announced by the British Gymnastics Foundation as the ambassador for their Hardship Grants programme.

The programme provides financial assistance to British Gymnastics members to help them continue participating in gymnastics when they are going through financial hardship.

Since April 2016, the Foundation has awarded over £29,000 of grants, benefitting 80 British Gymnastics Members.

Beth said: "Nobody deserves to miss out on the sport that they love because of a financial hardship or time of crisis in their lives!

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