Cardiff City teams up with DiscountIF

Retail & Sports Systems, together with Cardiff City FC, have agreed a partnership Retail & Sports Systems, together with Cardiff City FC, have agreed a partnership with DiscountIF to launch a new wave of online promotions.

DiscountIF’s software enables football clubs to create promotions whereby fans buy merchandise, with the opportunity of winning a reward based on the fan’s opinion of an upcoming game.

Cardiff City FC will be the first football club on Retail & Sports Systems’ platform to launch promotions powered by DiscountIF’s promotional tool.

Air Malta teams up with DiscountIF

Air Malta has teamed up with DiscountIF to offer a rewards scheme that gives customers vouchers on their next purchases if pre-selected events are guessed correctly.

The offer is open for customers who make a successful reservation and correctly predict the outcome of an event. Events include, but are not limited to, football matches and other sports events.

Forbesfone makes UEFA Euro offer with DiscountIf

Forbesfone has teamed up with DiscountIF to offer its customers a unique shopping experience as part of a UEFA Euro 2016 campaign.

Forbesfone, together with DiscountIF, has offered customers the chance to claim up to 100% of their money back on any Forbesfone product or top-up purchased by choosing the team they think will claim the cup for the European football tournament.

Forbesfone is a global travel SIM providing high quality, low cost mobile international roaming, providing flexible prepaid plans.

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