‘This Girl Can’ focuses on cycling

26 Jun 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

British Cycling and Sport England have launched a cycling-specific ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, focused on the women-only bike ride programme, HSBC UK Breeze. 

HSBC UK Breeze offers hundreds of free bike rides up and down the country and has already attracted 250,000 participants since launching in 2011.

The video mirrors the style of previous This Girl Can campaigns and will be visible through a series of targeted social media films and image led adverts, featuring real women who have all been involved with HSBC UK Breeze.

The themes have been informed by barriers to female participation; fear of judgement, not feeling good enough, having other priorities and fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle, as identified by Sport England, and a lack of confidence and not feeling safe, informed by British Cycling research.

The launch of the cycling focused video follows the release of data from a new This Girl Can survey which showed that six in 10 mums feel guilty about taking time to exercise, and that mothers have a greater impact on their children’s future activity levels – partly through setting an example by prioritising exercise in their own lives.

The new campaign brings together the expertise of both organisations as they attempt to build on the continuing work being done to narrow cycling’s historic gender participation gap and to highlight this fantastic activity option for women.