90 Min Spotlights Chelsea stars in new Yokohama prank

07 Oct 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Building on two previous successful partnerships, 90min wanted to showcase a ‘fun’ side of the Yokohama brand, while creating a deeper connection between Yokohama’s products and its consumers.

In the ad, Timo believed he was being featured in a TV commercial promoting Yokohama's Advan and Geolander tyres, but unknown to him, he was being set up by his teammates Mason Mount and Jorginho.

Timo was placed in several funny and awkward situations by the director, all masterminded by the two Chelsea FC pranksters, from being asked to hug a tire, to driving a child’s go kart.

Given the global recognition of both Yokohama and Chelsea, the video will be translated into 13x languages and target 17x markets across 90min's platform and social channels.