19 Apr 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

Championship football club AFC Bournemouth has launched a club-wide campaign, Hate Hurts Everyone.

To make a stand against abuse, discrimination and hate in football stadiums, online and in the community the campaign will continue the work instigated by the club’s award-winning Everyone Together project, which has been focused on tackling prejudice and promoting understanding. 

Hate Hurts Everyone will tell powerful stories about the effects that abuse, discrimination and hate have on people in our community to help us highlight the change needed in our society.

Supporters looking to get behind the campaign can purchase the club’s Hate Hurts Everyone t-shirts which will be available in the Superstore and online.

All proceeds will go to the Cherries Community Fund, the club’s fund that makes donations to causes in the local area.

The club debuted the campaign in the Good Friday home game against Middlesbrough on 15th April.