Canterbury lets fans at work keep up with rugby scores

24 Sep 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Canterbury’s kit partnerships with England, Ireland, Canada and host nation Japan makes it one of the most visible brands at the Rugby World Cup 2019, and the brand has now launched a new activation to help fans in England stay up to date with the scores while at work.

The ‘Canterbury Spreadshhheet’ uses tech hacks to disguise live scores and key match stats as a standard spreadsheet, allowing England fans to keep abreast of the match without alerting their bosses to the fact they’re not working.

England will take on the USA in Kobe in a match that will kick off at 11.45am UK time on a Thursday morning. That means most fans in the UK will find themselves at work during the game, but Canterbury’s ingenuity will allow fans to remain in the loop without leaving their desks.

Ashley Cooper, Head of Brand Management at Canterbury said; “This is the biggest sporting event of the year and it is a real shame that millions of fans won’t be able to tune into the game live. However, we all realise that employees up-and-down the country will be trying to stay up-to-date and sneaking a peek at their phones regularly so they can see what is happening.

“At Canterbury we want everyone to join in the fun and excitement of live games, so we’ve created the Canterbury Spreadshhheet to allow fans to keep up-to-date with real-time game info, without having to take time off work.”