Coca-Cola reveal England stars' 'Side Hustles' in new UEFA EURO 2020 ad

10 Jun 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

England Captain Harry Kane appeared in a new Coca-Cola campaign, in which he appeared to unveil his new side business, ‘Harry Kane’s Canes’.

The new ‘Open That Coca-Cola’ UEFA EURO 2020 ad saw Kane's ad-within-an-ad with some calling the number on screen only to be greeted by a message from Kane apologising - but informing them the business is not all as it seems.

The light-hearted stunt from Coca-Cola celebrates the upcoming UEFA EURO 2020 tournament and also features cameos from England stars Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who appear to be promoting a ‘side hustle’ business. The three ads within the ad, show-up in a glitch on the on-screen television for a split second and are visible only to eagle-eyed viewers. 

England Captain Harry Kane wants to help fans not just talk the talk but walk the walk with his new Cane selling business, Marcus Rashford, after a big year, announces he’s selling marker pens, and fashion-proud Ox unveils his new sock business.  

Those that dial the numbers on-screen will be met by an individual voice message from each player, congratulating them on finding their ‘side hustle’ and taking the initiative to call the number.