Cristiano Ronaldo has off day in new fragrance advert

06 Sep 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Hot on the heels of the hit viral sensation that was Cristiano Ronaldo’s Shoppee ad, the Juventus player is the star of a new and equally enthralling video spot, this time for his own CR7 branded fragrance.

In an ad for his new CR7 Play It Cool fragrance, the Portuguese footballer is shown having what can only be described as an off day as spills his coffee, falls into his pool and, crucially, fails to get any Instagram likes - all while dressed in a luxurious leopard-print dressing gown.

But life soon returns to normality again when a bare-chested Ronaldo applies a few squirts of his own brand before chowing down on some CR7 emblazoned toast and seeing his like count soar.