22 Apr 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

Glasgow-based production company Cut Media has unveiled the first ever single-take FPV drone full run at Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo.

Following urban downhill legend, Tomáš Slavík and filmed in one continuous shot, the video pushes technological boundaries and encapsulates the speed and raw intensity of the Valparaíso downhill route, notorious for its man-made obstacles and narrow staircases.

The hazardous 2km route presents a variety of other challenges, including sharp corners, steep drops and hundreds of stairs, including the famous Boccaccio staircase, measuring 240 metres in length. From navigating tight buildings to dodging overhead cables, the project is a stunning feat of technology and meticulous logistical planning.

Archie Hawkes, Social Content Producer at Red Bull said, “Trying to bring a new perspective to an event known for its iconic POV runs was always going to be a huge challenge. Luckily in Cut Media we found a crew that did not shy away from the unknown and whose creative thinking turned us on to the incredibly talented Dutch Drone Gods. Unrivalled technical ingenuity paired with top of the game piloting skills; we finally had a set up that would give us the chance to achieve something most mere mortals could only dream of. In a tale of man and machine, both rider and pilot had to be flawless to tackle the notorious streets of Valparaiso. 

“The FPV team were incredible and Cut Media perfectly captured the frantic energy of the event, the crushing pressure of flying in tricky conditions and the eager anticipation of everyone to see that final shot.”

Scott Marshall, Executive Producer said, “We love a challenge – that’s how we’ve created so many hugely successful projects with Red Bull over the years, by taking on ambitious work and getting stuck into making the concept a reality. This project was great, not just as we expand into presenter-led content, but for turning an idea that loads of experts said would never work into an edge-of-your-seat piece of content.”