12 May 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has announced that former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) athlete and current UFC colour commentator Paul Felder will star in an exclusive new content series that will take fans behind the scenes of the upcoming PTO Tour.

38-year-old Felder competed in the UFC's lightweight division (66 to 70 kg) and, throughout the 23 matches of his MMA career, amassed 17 wins and 6 losses.

On the release of the new series, PTO Head of Content, Nick Shakinovsky, said, "We had been watching Paul’s entry into the sport with great interest, it’s such a strong storytelling opportunity when an elite athlete from another sport looks to take on the challenging world of triathlon so we reached out to explore working together."

The first 10-minute teaser, ‘Fighting Spirit’, which introduces the series covers the mixed martial art star's reflections on his career to date, how he got into triathlon and what he hopes to achieve in the sport.

“I look back on my UFC career and I'm happy with it," said Felder. "I didn't get to where I wanted to. I wanted to become a champion. But there's only a few guys that ever get to say they were a champ.

“I got to number six in the world. I never quit. I'd like to think I was a bit of a fan favourite for my style and the way I brought it, I always kept true to myself. I always fought for something more than just me, but I think it was time to go.  I feel like I went out leaving a little bit left.”

For 2022, the PTO Tour comprises of the PTO Canadian Open 23rd to 24th July, the Collins Cup 20th to 21st August and the PTO US Open 17th to 18th September.