11 May 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC), in its capacity as the governing body of Para sport and the international federation for multiple Para sports, has created a new grassroots-to-high performance programme called PARA SPORT. It aims to support National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) and International Federations, bringing together events, activities and organisations to help change the story around persons with disabilities.

The PARA SPORT narrative, ‘It Starts With Sport’ is inspired by the journey of Para athletes, highlighting how sport is often the starting point to a new life with new friendships and new opportunities. It complements the wider IPC brand narrative of ‘Change Starts With Sport,’ which communicates the transformational impact that Para sport has on society.

To support the launch of PARA SPORT, a film has been developed by London-based creative agency adam&eveDDB. Narrated by British Para swimmer Alice Tai, it covers the full breadth of sport participation, from first timers to multi-gold-medallists like her, but emphasising that sport is not about winning, it’s about new beginnings, friendships and confidence. It demonstrates that wherever you begin and wherever you are going, it starts with sport.

A new distinctive PARA SPORT visual brand identity has been created by leading global brand agency Design Bridge and sonic branding agency MassiveMusic. The visual identity incorporates the starting block, echoing the focus on beginnings.

Andrew Parsons, IPC President, said, “The launch of PARA SPORT is a seminal moment as we show that sport can be a new beginning for everyone. It is fantastic for us to have platforms where elite athletes can impress the world with their medal-winning performances and encourage persons with disabilities to begin a journey in sport.

“With PARA SPORT we see sport not only as what it means for performance, but what it can do to signal a new chance at life.​ Whether you are a beginner, an amateur already in Para sport or aspiring athlete, we believe that everyone deserves recognition and support in whatever competition they’re in, no matter their level. We want to ensure that sport is recognised for its impact on the wider community and not simply as an activity.”