Jaguar & Wimbledon - Ace Pace Wimbledon Edition app

03 Jul 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Jaguar, official car partner of Wimbledon, has launched their Ace Pace Wimbledon Edition app, offering fans the chance to win tickets, attend masterclasses and tests their tennis their own serving ability by simulating the serve of a tennis pro with their smartphone. 

Journey Digital have created a complex algorithm using Dynamic Time Warping, that uses the smartphone’s gyroscope to calculate the wrist angle, the motion sensor to determine the arc of the serve and the accelerometer to measure the speed.

Unique in its ability to engage the entire body, the app measures all aspects of the serve, from the ball toss to the ‘racket’ speed. Trailing out the app, British number one, Kyle Edmund goes up against former tennis star, Tim Henman, and things get a little bit competitive in a video released this week in line with start of Wimbledon.