Lego enlists Jamie Vardy and Casey Stoney to celebrate kids' milestones

03 Sep 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

LEGO DUPLO has partnered with Jamie Vardy and Casey Stoney to help parents ‘celebrate their toddlers’ milestones’, with help from child psychologist Sam Wass.

The footballing pair joined the campaign as ‘Experts in Celebration’ owing to their on-pitch prowess, and starred in a new video with their young children.

Vardy - wearing dinosaur ears - and Stoney - who can be seen high-fiving and bunny hopping - encourage parents to celebrate their own kids’ milestones in exuberant fashion - something child psychologist Wass says is important for aiding toddlers’ development. According to the Secret Life of 4 and 5 Year Olds star, cheering toddlers’ everyday wins, like kicking a ball or building a brick creation, can help supercharge their capacity to further learn and develop.

The video (above), features Vardy challenging his son to a kickabout, before celebrating a goal by showing off his corner flag air guitar move. Meanwhile, Stoney ditches her traditional coaching tactics after congratulating her daughters great work.

“I’ve definitely been known to get creative when it comes to goal celebrations and the same goes for us celebrating milestone moments at home with the kids,” said Vardy.

“Learning at home during lockdown was challenging for children and lots of them found it frustrating, but as a parent I know that encouraging and supporting even the smallest achievements goes a really long way to making them feel happy and confident.”

Casey Stoney, former Team GB captain and Mum of three, added:a“The biggest job as a football manager is to support and encourage your team, and there’s no better way to do this than by celebrating with them. By cheering them on from the side lines and lifting their energy at half time, I boost team morale and help my players’ development.

“I use the same tactics as a mum. I’m my kids’ biggest supporter and celebrating moments with them helps nurture their development and growth. With mum cheering her on, Willow knows she can tackle anything she puts her mind to.”