LTA launches new youth programme to boost participation

01 Apr 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

The LTA has launched a new junior programme aimed at bringing children aged 4-18 into tennis through fun sessions designed to create ‘skills for live, on and off the court.’

The fresh approach builds on the Tennis for Kids and Team Challenge initiatives launched by the national governing body for tennis in the UK in recent years.

The programme will see the return of a number of kids competitions, from the LTA Youth Team Challenge through to the LTA Youth Local Tour, while the governing body says that competition is ‘essential’ to retaining children in sport and helping them develop.

With outdoor tennis re-opening across the country, the LTA says it is aiming to inspire 10% of children in Britain to play tennis once a week by 2023. The coaching courses will also aim to develop a range of physical and neurological abilities including balance, coordination and fine motor skills, with activities involving decision-making and strengthening hand-eye coordination. 

The development of LTA Youth is driven by insight that children’s physical literacy is deteriorating, with the percentage of young people taking part in daily sport falling from 46.8% to 19% during the pandemic, according to the organisation.