OVO Energy - Night Ride Event 2019

02 Jul 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

OVO Energy, Title Sponsor of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour, have released a video following cyclists on a tour of London’s iconic landmarks to launch their series of Night Rides. 

According to research from British Cycling, men currently account for 69% of the UK’s cycling population, with barriers such as confidence on the roads, cycling infrastructure and concerns over safety, key factors in deterring greater female participation. 63% of the women asked said that current infrastructure models do not make them feel safe, while 66% said the same about driver behaviour.

Night Rides will be taking place across the UK, in Manchester on the 4th July, Bristol on the 18th July and Glasgow on the 8th August. The aim is to address the barriers to cycling participation that women face and inspire more women to adopt cycling as a lower carbon mode of transport.

In response to this statistic, OVO Energy has partnered with BrightSide Bike Lights to offer its customers exclusive discounts on products that will help make cyclists more visible and help ease cyclists’ safety concerns.