Qatar 2022 World Cup logo unveiled

04 Sep 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

FIFA has launched the logo for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which was projected onto some of the Arab world’s most iconic buildings as well as being unveiled in cities around the world.

The unveil took place at 20:22 local time in Doha on 3rd September, which is the 48th anniversary of Qatar’s independence, while the final of the tournament - set for 18th December 2022 - will fall on the country’s national day.The controversial tournament will be held in November and December of that year instead of its usual June and July spot thanks to soaring summer temperatures in the Gulf state.

FIFA say the emblem’s design, an infinity loop, represents how the World Cup “connects and engages the entire world”, while also featuring “striking elements of local and regional Arab culture”.

The logo was unveiled with projections beamed onto famous buildings such as the Doha Tower in Qatar’s capital, but also in other iconic locations in the region such as Tahrir Square in Iraq and Kuwait City’s Kuwait Towers. Further afield, Madrid’s Callao Square hosted a depiction of the logo on a giant screen, as well as locations in Milan and Moscow.