Red Bull creates 'Human Pinball' machine for freerunning legend Petkuns

15 Sep 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Red Bull TV has released a new short film, ‘Human Pinball’, featuring Latvian freerunner and Red Bull Art of Motion champion, Pasha Petkuns.

The huge-scale freerunning feat involved the creation of a 16-meter high wall tilted at a 45 degree angle, which created ‘near-impossible angles’, jumps and catches for the world-renowned freerunner.

The angle of the wall is based on a bridge in Petkuns’ homeland where he honed his craft as one of the greatest freerunners in history. After moving to USA working as a Hollywood stunt double and taking a road trip through North America, Petkuns discovered the nostalgic wonders of pinball machines and combined these two inspirations into a dream challenge of becoming a human pinball.

Following a 7-week set build, Human Pinball was filmed in London in May 2021, in a gruelling 3-week shoot where Pasha’s physical capabilities were tested to the limit on the daunting wall.

The result is a showcase of Pasha’s unique athletic and stylistic abilities, playing into themes of his childhood where he first developed his passion, and setting new benchmarks which set him out as one of the greatest freerunners of all time.