Red Bull's Danny MacAskill shows off New Year gym alternative

13 Jan 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

January is a time for New Year’s resolutions, but many who have resolved to get fit in 2020 will be intimidated by hitting the gym.

And in an attempt to give an alternative take on the new year fitness craze, trial biker and Red Bull athlete Danny MacAskill has starred in a new YouTube film. 

More than a decade since he first hit the platform in 2009 with Inspired Bicycles - a five-and-a-half-minute street trials video which now has over 39 million views - MacAskill is back and taking part in the ‘New Year, New Me’ craze. 

But instead of hitting the gym like most of us would, MacAskill passes on the weight rooms and intense spin classes. Intead, he enters an empty gymnasium filled with gymnastic equipment and the sort of kit more commonly found in secondary school physical education classes.

Entitled ‘Gymnasium’, the video shows MacAskill make his way through the equipment with a series of impressive and mesmerising tricks set to I’m On My Way by the Proclaimers, proving there are plenty of ways to make your mark in the gym.