Sport 24 hails return of sport and travel in new Jump Design-created spot

27 Jan 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

In-flight and on board sports channel Sport24, is building up to a big year of sport and travel in 2021 in a new ad created by Jump Design and Direction.

The pair have once again teamed up to create a series of promos that celebrate all of Sport 24’s live rights, as well as a return to travel in 2021. 

The promos have an optimistic, celebratory and uplifting edit and graphic treatment and celebrate the ‘Power of Now’ - Sport 24’s new tagline.



“Despite a challenging production schedule, Jump responded brilliantly and answered our creative brief on every level, delivering a vibrant, energetic and great sounding series of promos,” said Simon Pullinger, Creative Presentation Manager, Sport 24.

“A big thanks to (Art Director) Lee Jacobs and the team, who pulled out all the stops to ensure we could launch our 2021 campaign before the Christmas holidays. As a result it’s been great to receive such positive feedback about the campaign from so many of our commercial partners, as we head into what will be one of the busiest years of live sport on the Sport 24 platform.”

Lee Jacobs, Art Director, Jump, added: “Our original concept was to drive the message through a carefully selected commercial track – choosing relevant, uplifting lyrics that could not only be synched with emotive sporting action, but which were also relevant to holidays, travel and freedom.

“Due to rights issues, we shifted our thinking away from commercial music. With the help of our music partner, Echoic, we composed and wrote our own track collaborating with a US-based rap artist. The lyrics celebrate the power of athletes, the strength and resolve it takes to become the best, and drives an optimistic look at what 2021 will bring. We were also able to lyricise Sport 24’s new tagline – ‘The Power Of Now’.”

“With a tight turnaround, the sync of graphics and lyrics became the pivot of our production process. Not only were we animating text to match the lyrics but were matching sporting movements with lyrical cues too. Because we were working simultaneously with the composers and footage researchers, we had to work in an agile way. This meant piecing together our edit as lyrics and music were approved.”