Thomas Lyte: creating the new Asian Cup

07 Jan 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

After 62 years, the AFC Asian Cup has a brand new trophy – designed and crafted by the makers of the BT Sport Industry Awards.

Thomas Lyte, which also makes the FA Cup among many other iconic sporting trophies, was commissioned by the AFC to deliver a new look for the trophy that will be lifted by the winners of this month's tournament – the biggest event in Asian football.

The structure stands at 72 centimeters in height and 42 centimeters wide, and is handcrafted from 15 kilograms of silver bullion. The outer design is modelled on a lotus flower with five petals representing the five different regions of the AFC. 

Overall, more than 400 working hours went in to crafting the trophy and its detachable plinth, on which has been engraved each winner dating back to 1956, the year the tournament began.